Professional and administrative service – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje
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From the beginning of its existence until today, the Professional and Administrative Service is the foundation of the professional and technical support for the realization of the activity of the Faculty and for its overall functioning as its organizational unit. Starting from a chronological order, it can be concluded that in the past six decades it has changed its name and organizational set-up. It started its work under the name Working Community – Secretariat, whose activity was performed by four employees, and later, during 1980/81, due to the increase of the workload and the development of the activity of the Faculty, to expand with three new employments. . As part from the development of the then Working Community it is worth noting that the library of the then OOZT Dental Clinics is separated and organized as a separate department of the Faculty of Dentistry, and today is a separate organizational unit of the Faculty.
During 1998, the financial and accounting affairs performed by the OOZT Dental Clinics until then, were taken over and continued to be led by the Faculty of Dentistry for the Working Community. As a consequence of the harmonization with the new regulations in the field of education, it was named Professional and Administrative Service, whose organizational set-up from 1998 until today, in accordance with the changes in the legislation, but also the specific needs of the Faculty, changes with the sole purpose of better placement and easier optimal completion of work responsibilities whose volume is continuously increasing as a result, on the one hand, of the growing legal requirements and new regulations that inevitably follow the European trend, and on the other hand, the small number of employees as a problem that this service already faces for a long time. The service, under the influence of the rapid development of modern and new technologies, under the influence of the constant change of the legislation in the field of education, but also the overall in the country, it is constantly being modernized, evolved and upgraded. In the last decades of its existence it faces and overcomes the challenges that bring all the changes that
often occur in our social system, especially in the field of education. The service manages to keep up with the times and modern trends and developments in the areas it supports – what is its basic mission, for which the role of itself is important, a faculty that has always supported the continuous and permanent education of its employees by enabling the attendance of seminars and courses in areas of interest to the staff in which it specializes.

Secretary of the Faculty of Dentistry

The Professional and Administrative Service is managed by a Secretary who is responsible for its work in front of the Dean of the Faculty. Since the beginning of the existence of the Service, four of its managers, i.e. secretaries, all graduated lawyers have been registered, as follows:
-Aleksandar Petrovski – First Secretary of the Faculty,
– Liljana Lukic – who in 2005 left for deserved pension,
Elizabeta Aleksovska – who did the work from 2005 to 2016,
Dragica Mitrevska Isailovska – who did the work from 2016 to 2021

-Vlatko Kokolanski, who does this worm from 2021 until today.
The internal organization of the Professional and Administrative Service is currently undergoing changes and adaptations aimed at more efficient implementation of obligations. Today, it is part of the Professional and Administrative Service of the Integrated University, to which lately it has been directed and paid great attention in terms of unifying the actions and processes in the daily work of the services of all faculties that are part of the University ,,Ss.Cyril and Methodius” in Skopje. Today, in the Professional and Administrative Service, the affairs are organized in two departments, and the process of re-establishing the Department for Student Affairs is nearing completion, which in the future would be three departments.

Department of Legal and General Affairs

The Department performs the normative-legal activity of the service, personnel, i.e. matters related to human resource management, monitoring the laws and bylaws for matters related to the activity of the Faculty, conducting and regulating health specializations, matters in the field of public Procurement, documentation management and archiving, but also many other obligations arising from new legislation which give rise to additional obligations for matters in the field of personal data, proposals and complaints, public information, occupational safety and other.

Calculated from 2014, the so-called The Student Affairs Office was attached to the Department of Legal and General Affairs, not because of the smaller volume of responsibilities but because of the small number of employees burdened with responsibilities of various types. Today, the administrative completion of the process for returning to the Student Affairs Service as a Student Affairs Department is on the rise.

Within this Department are provided more employees than in previous years because the Faculty today is the organizer of three types of study programs from the first cycle of studies, three types of study programs from the second cycle of studies and doctoral studies, whose successful implementation, from administrative and technical point of view , is due to the experience and diligence of the staff. The Department of Legal and General Affairs is headed by Elizabeta Aleksovska, B.Sc. lawyer. The continuous work of the Department on a professional and enviable level is due to the other employed colleagues: Antoaneta Kish, B.Sc., spec.Vlatko Kokolanski, Ph.D. It is expected that in the near future Antoneta Kish and Suzana Vasilevska will continue the work of the Department for Student Affairs.

Department for financial, accounting and material operations

The department performs the activities related to the finances of the Faculty, recording the sources of funds as realized incomes of the Faculty, monitoring the expenses, final accounts and everything else necessary and important for this scope of work. The work of the Department over time is modernized through the use of electronic forms of record keeping and the use of software for appropriate financial purposes, but lately the responsibility of this Department is to harmonize accounting with a system established by the University, in fact, part of the process of continuous unique functioning and improving the integration of the University. Head of the Department is Aleksandar Mitrevski, M.Sc., BSc in Economics. The work of the Department and the successful implementation and realization of the obligations within the scope of the Department is due to the other employed colleagues: Ivan Taleski and Zoran Derivolski.