Every dentist who actively works on clinical dentistry is faced with the process of continuous education. This part of education is an independent part separated from undergraduate and postgraduate education as well as from the specialist studies, and encompasses deepening of already gained knowledge and skills and acquiring new ones not only from the comprehensive but also from the specialist dental education.

The seminars, symposia and courses have a goal to introduce practitioners to the methods and work approach in specific areas, to train them to perform more simple procedures and practices which are novelty in the daily dental practice.The latter may refer to the application of new approaches towards solving a certain problem, new materials and technologies referring to treatment and diagnosing practices, as well as utilization of new diagnosticating processes in case of rare diseases.

A respective document is issued referring to the level of education accordingly, a certificate with a number of points designated by the Chamber of Dentists.

In 1989 the Faculty recognized the need for continuous education in the framework of events that will refresh and complement the knowledge and skills of the personnel, when a symposium entitled “Scientific achievements in dentistry” was organized. Later, this symposium grew into a chain of annual thematic international seminars titled “Transfer of Science”.

Officially, the first seminar organized by the Faculty, post-educational seminar on dentistry, was held in June 1999, and in November the same year, the second one, on the occasion of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The educational contents of the seminars were published in the magazine titled Dental Review which was published by the Faculty under the editorship of prof. Dr. Aleksandar Grchev.

Today’s post-educational seminars conducted by the Faculty of Dentistry are annually held, including thematic, interactive approaches and international visits by professors and experts in specific fields.

The current head of the Continuing Education unit at the Faculty of Dentistry is Dr. Marija Stevanovikj, full-time professor at the Department of Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry.