PROF. KJIRO IVANOVSKI, PhD – DEAN AT THE FACULTY OF DENTISTRY – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Prof. Kjiro Ivanovski, PhD – dean at the Faculty of Dentistry

Kjiro Ivanovski, PhD was born on November 3, 1960 in Zeleznec, Macedonia. He finished primary school in Serbia and secondary school (gymnasium) in Skopje in 1979. He graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje in 1986. In 1994, he became a specialist in oral cavity and periodontal diseases.
In 1993, at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje, he acquired his master’s degree when he defended his master’s thesis titled “Immunological status in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis” and thus became a Master of Dentistry. In 2000, at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje, he defended his doctoral thesis titled “Etiopathogenetic contribution of the psychological stress to the affection of the oral mucous membrane” and thus became a Doctor of Dentistry.
His first employment was in 1989 at the Clinic for oral cavity and periodontal diseases at BOAL (Basic Organization of Associated Labor) Dental Clinics, whereas in 1992, he was elected Staff Assistant at the Department of Oral Cavity and Periodontal Diseases at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje. Prof. Ivanovski, PhD was elected Assistant in 1995 and was reelected the same title in 1998. In 2004, he was elected Research Associate and in 2006 – Assistant Professor. Professor Ivanovski, PhD was elected Associate Professor in 2009 and then, Professor in 2014.
In 2001, he attended a two-month residency training in the domain of surgical treatment of periodontal diseases at the Periodontology and oral medicine clinic at the Faculty of Dentistry in Belgrade, Serbia with Prof. Bozidar Dimitrijevikj, PhD.
Among other professional and scientific challenges, Prof. Ivanovski, PhD, ranks among the professionals who work on scientific research for the treatment of periodontal diseases. In the treatment of diseases in the oral medicine field, Prof. Ivanovski, PhD applies the contemporary holistic biopsychosocial approach. However, what most distinguishes Prof. Ivanovski, PhD is his long-standing scientific interest in the application of biochemistry in dentistry. Namely, he administered a new subject at the Faculty of Dentistry called oral biochemistry. His domain of interest is also, increased utilization of the saliva as a diagnostic medium, not only for the oral diseases but also for the general, systemic diseases. He was the vice president of the Association of specialists in periodontal and oral diseases, vice president of the Macedonian Dental Society and vice-dean at the Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje. He is the author and co-author of more than 170 scientific studies, textbooks, study guides and books.