Mandatory and elective subjects


1st Semester

MSZPAO1Topicalities in the orofacial region4530301057
MSZPVNIntroduction to scientific research work4530451208
MSZPOE3Oral epidemiology4530451208
MSZPBM4Biomaterials in dentistry4530301057

2nd Semester

MSZPIT5Application of IT in dentistry3030451057
MSZPBN6Bioethics in scientific research work4530451208
 Elective subject 1301530755
 Elective subject 2301530755
 Elective subject 3301530755

3rd Semester

 Preparation and defense of a master’s thesis////30


MSIPPI1Pathohistological and immunohistological guidelines in the diagnosis of certain oral diseases3015301505
MSIPMF2Management in the prevention and therapy of oral foci in patients at risk3015301505
MSIPHR3Hygienic-dietary regimes in the prevention of oral diseases3015301505
MSIPPD4Saliva as a diagnostic medium in dentistry3015301505
MSIPIP5Immuno-genetic aspects in the etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease3015301505
MSIPSP6Contemporary aspects of systemic risk factors in the occurrence and development of periodontal disease3015301505
MSIPFP7Pharmacotherapy of periodontal disease3015301505
MSIPLS8Lasers in dentistry3015301505
MSIPKE1Morphological and histological characteristics of the endodontic space in permanent teeth3015301505
MSIPOK2Root canal obturation – Techniques and materials3015301505
MSIPRP3Contemporary restorative procedures3015301505
MSIPER4Clinical aspects of esthetic and functional restorations and procedures3015301505
MSIPEP5Problem solving in endodontic clinical practice3015301505
MSIPKK6Non-carious lesions of the teeth and their prevention3015301505
MSIPEI7Endodontic instruments, techniques and irrigants3015301505
MSIPAP8Conservative therapy of apical periodontitis3015301505
MSIPPP1Preventive programs and protocols for dental care of children and adolescents3015301505
MSIPMI2Minimally invasive concept for the occurrence and control of dental caries3015301505
MSIPDT3Modern diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to diseases, irregularities and traumatic injuries in the oral environment in childhood3015301505
MSIPPC4Prevention of caries in early childhood3015301505
MSIPMR5Methods for stopping reversible carious lesions3015301505
MSIPSR6Semiology in radiology3015301505
MSIPLD7Oral application of lasers in children3015301505
MSIPRE8Modern restorative esthetic dentistry3015301505
MSIPMF1Modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the maxillofacial region3015301505
MSIPTZ2Diagnosis and treatment concepts for temporomandibular joint dysfunction3015301505
MSIPRT3Reconstructive approach in resolving maxillofacial trauma3015301505
MSIPTM4Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to tumors in the maxillofacial region3015301505
MSIPOB5Etiological concepts of orofacial pain3015301505
MSIPDN1A modern approach to the treatment of skeletal dentofacial irregularities3015301505
MSIPOA2Orthodontic occlusion and articulation3015301505
MSIPOD3Orthodontic diagnostics3015301505
MSIPOG4Orofacial genetics3015301505
MSIPAR5Qualitative and quantitative anthropological and radiocraniometric analyzes of the bones of the head and neck3015301505
MSIPAO6Adult orthodontics3015301505
MSIPEO7Esthetics in orthodontics3015301505
MSIPTI1Diagnostic – therapeutic aspects of impacted teeth3015301505
MSIPIC2Inflammatory odontogenic infections and developmental cysts3015301505
MSIPOI3Oral-surgical aspects of acute odontogenic infection in the orofacial region3015301505
MSIPPI4Perioperative aspects of immediate and delayed implant placement3015301505
MSIPST5Modern therapeutic concepts in oral surgery3015301505
MSIPDK1Scientific aspects of dental ceramic systems3015301505
MSIPBP2Bruxism and occlusal parafunctions3015301505
MSIPRP3X-ray craniometry and X-ray cephalometry in dental prosthetics3015301505
MSIPOP4Occlusion in dental prosthodontics3015301505
MSIPFP5Esthetic concepts in fixed prosthetic rehabilitation3015301505
MSIPGP6Dental prosthetics in geriatric patients – public health aspect3015301505
MSIPPS7Prosthetic oral diseases – approach to diagnosis and therapy3015301505
MSIPRE8Stomato-prosthetic rehabilitation of complex clinical cases using multidisciplinary restorative approaches CAD-CAM technologies3015301505

Legend: L – lectures; S – seminars; SRW – study research work