Library – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Records from the past testify that the Library of The Faculty of Dentistry in Skopje was established in 1977 year, and prof. Dr. Ljupka Matovska, then assistant, is the first founder of the activities aimed at obtaining available literature needed for staff education. The library of the Medical Faculty is permanently relinquished using books that form the first literary fund
on the newly formed base of the Faculty of Dentistry. In addition to self-procurement of new books and magazines, with wholehearted assistance to various institutions (French cultural Center in Skopje, American Cultural Center in Skopje, The House of Emigrants, World Dental
federation (FDI) and donations to users, as well as alumni, library capacity was increasing. He left his mark on the library activity the longtime librarian, Lidija Trajkovska, who participated in the organization and operation of The library, but also in scientific research work, wholeheartedly assisting teaching and research professionals in
literary searches at the time when the library fund was the dominant data source. In permanent The legacy of the Faculty remains the monographs after on the occasion of jubilee anniversaries, bibliographies, in which was actively involved, along with the editorial staff. The enrichment of the opus of Necessary literature for the studies of Dentistry Faculty of the project “Translation of 1,050 professional and scientific books and textbooks taught at top universities “, realized by the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia in the period 2008 – 2017. Today the Library is again in the area of ​​PHI Dental Clinical Center ,, St. Panteleimon “, and is available daily to users as a place to can request some of the publications from the library fund, as material for use or as a loan of part of the library fund open to the outside usage.

Part of the activities in the library

In step with the new time, an effort is made to shape
an e-library, available on the Faculty website, so publications of the type are already available in that direction habilitation, master’s and doctoral theses defended at the Faculty of Dentistry, review of textbooks and textbooks
aids, practicums, atlases, dictionaries and monographs, as and the Macedonian Dental Examination and the Treasury of papers.

Especially important for the teaching process is the availability of some textbooks and teaching aids, packages of materials, formatted in electronic form with free and open access. The benefit for the teaching-scientific staff of the Faculty is the access to the Hinari database, from October 2019, which enables them through the available computers in Library, search and deepen knowledge with modern data from the literature, but also an incentive for new research. No less important is the fact that the students of all study programs at The faculty have the opportunity in the Library premises, on 6 computers, to join the same base using it in their education.