LABORATORY OF RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY AND ENDODONTICS – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Within the Department of Dental Diseases and Endodontics there is a laboratory equipped with 10 modern simulation phantoms – studio models, with appropriate instrumentation and dental materials, which allows simulation of the performance of interventions as well as in clinical conditions. With its technical equipment, the laboratory offers students the opportunity to get acquainted with the most modern methods and techniques of work in modern restorative dentistry and endodontics, as well as the opportunity to perform scientific research work.

This laboratory is primarily intended for teaching students from the program for doctors of dental medicine in the subjects: Preclinical cardiology and preclinical endodontics, which is a good prerequisite for the initial acquisition of practical skills by the students. In this way, students are prepared for inclusion in the practical teaching of the subjects that are performed in clinical conditions. Also, in this laboratory, the students from the program for professional dental technicians and professional dental nurses – oral hygienists are also being prepared.

In 2019, the room was completely renovated, the simulation dental units were completely serviced, and ergonomic chairs were procured for each workplace, as well as planting instruments (turbines and elbows) for each unit. This year, in this laboratory, for the first time, six endomotors with reciprocating movements were purchased, with a built-in apex locator. Endomotors are top requirement in the field of modern endodontics. This modernizes the practical training of students and specialists, and these devices will be useful for conducting various forms of continuous education.

With the purchase of instruments and apparatus for mechanical and manual maintenance of planting instruments, students from the study program for oral hygienists will be able to learn the principles and techniques for proper maintenance of planting instruments.