The purpose of this study program is to educate a competent professional, doctor of dental medicine, to be able to follow and apply modern achievements in the professional field and science, to perceive scientific problems, to think critically and analyze the results obtained, to build a responsible person with an adopted value system that guarantees successful and highly professional work. This study program will contribute to the training of staff that will be predominantly engaged in the implementation of preventive and therapeutic procedures, by applying the most modern biotechnological means in dentistry and will find their place on the labor market in our country.

The study program for integrated studies of I and II cycle has a duration of 12 semesters. The total number of credits that the student obtains by passing all the courses and the defense of the graduation thesis is 360 ECTS.

The Faculty performs its activity on the teaching bases, in the preclinical laboratories and the clinics within the PHI University Clinical Center “St. Pantelejmon” and within the PHI University Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery. The teaching of certain subjects from the study program is performed at the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski” and the Faculty of Physical Education, Sports and Health.

The student studies compulsory subjects (so-called core), as follows: basic, medical-biological and general medicine subjects, as well as preclinical and clinical dental subjects. During the study, the student should enroll and master some of the offered elective courses, which are provided in each year (except the last one) in a different range. There are 25 elective courses in the study program, from which the student chooses a total of 9 courses.

Due to the specifics in mastering the skills of future doctors in dental medicine, after listening to the clinical courses in the 4th and after listening to the clinical courses in the 5th year, the student must do a summer internship lasting 3 weeks (15 working days). Summer practice after the 4th year is performed under the mentorship of specialists in dental and endodontic diseases and oral surgery, and after the 5th year under the mentorship of specialists in oral and periodontal diseases and dental prosthodontics. Performed summer internship after the 4th year is a condition for enrolling in courses in the 5th year, and the completed summer internship after the 5th year is a condition for enrolling in the 6th year. It can be performed in PHI USKC “St.Pantelejmon” Skopje or in another specialist practice, from the appropriate specialties.

The student progresses in the study by regularly attending lectures, exercises and other forms of teaching provided in the study program and by taking exams. In order for the student to enroll in subjects in the next year (example in the second, third, etc.) it is necessary for the student to have listened to all the compulsory subjects from the previous year) as well as to have passed the subjects, in the following order: for enrolling in the third year, all compulsory subjects from the 1st year must be passed; for enrollment in the fourth year, all compulsory subjects from the 2nd year must be passed; for enrollment in the fifth year, all compulsory subjects from the 3rd year must be passed; for enrollment in the sixth year, all compulsory subjects from the 4th year must be passed. The student in the semester can enroll courses that carry a total of 37 ECTS.

The scientific title that the student acquires after completing the study program is Doctor of dental medicine.

The study program provides an opportunity to continue the studies of the second cycle of professional studies for doctors of dental medicine, master studies, third cycle studies and health specializations that are regulated by the Law of Health Care.


Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje


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