General – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje


The goal of this study program will be achieved through:

• Harmonization with the modern trends of professional, scientific and technological development so that the final effect of education, measured by the quality of professional and scientific abilities, would fully correspond to the national needs and the needs of the market,
• Introduction of a flexible system of studies and research activities,
• Harmonization of the achieved theoretical knowledge with the practical application within the daily dental practice in solving health problems in patients,
• Providing the possibility for the completion of studies to be a basis for possible further long-term and efficient education and professional development,
• Contributing to the development of the dental profession and science.

The second cycle of professional studies in dental medicine will be realized during a one-year curriculum (2 semesters) with a total number of 60 credits. Teaching in all subject programs will be conducted through theoretical, practical teaching, clinical practice and independent research work. The study program is designed in accordance with the European credit transfer system (ECTS).

By completing the obligations during the study, attending classes, taking exams and defending a professional thesis, the student acquires 60 credits.

The Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje, performs its higher education activity within the space it has at its disposal, but above all on its two teaching bases, namely: PHI University Dental Clinical Center “St.Pantelejmon,, Skopje and the PHI University Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery Skopje.

The study program is structured from compulsory, elective courses and preparation and defense of a completed professional thesis. Elective courses are grouped into electoral blocs, according to the scientific field to which they belong. In the first semester, students have 4 compulsory courses with which they win a total of 30 ECTS. In the second semester, students choose one of the 6 elective blocks offered. Elective blocks are related to one of the scientific fields in dentistry. With the electoral block, students win 21 ECTS. As part of the electoral block, the student has practical training, in the form of exercises, demonstration of various cases and independent research work. The students win the other 9 ECTS by preparing and defending their final professional thesis. This paper is publicly defended after passing all the cases. The second cycle of professional studies in dental medicine ends with the preparation and defense of a professional paper. The professional thesis is an independent work of the student, made using scientific methodology. It is similar in structure to the master’s thesis, but unlike the master’s thesis, the professional thesis does not have to have a scientific contribution. It should be written on not less than 30 and not more than 70 pages, A4 format, with a font size of 11.

The study program provides an opportunity for continuing education in the second and third cycle of academic studies, as well as continuing education in the field of health specializations. If the candidates continue their studies in the second or third cycle of academic studies or health specialization, there is a possibility for recognition of a certain number of subject programs that are compatible with the different study programs in the field of dentistry.

The professional title that the student acquires after graduation is specialist, doctor of dental medicine.