The study program for dental sciences from the second cycle of academic (master) studies has a duration of 3 semesters. The total number of credits that the student obtains by passing all the courses and the defense of the master’s thesis is 90 ECTS.

The study program is structured from compulsory, elective courses and preparation and defense of a completed master’s thesis. The elective courses are from different fields of dentistry and the student chooses them depending on the affinity and the topic he will work on in the master’s thesis.

In the first semester the students have 4 compulsory courses with which they acquire a total of 30 ECTS.

In the second semester, there are two compulsory courses with which they receive 15 ECTS, while 15 ECTS are obtained by choosing and passing 3 courses from the list of all offered elective courses. The selected courses should be related to the topic that the student will cover in the master’s thesis.

The students receive the remaining 30 ECTS by preparing and defending the final master’s thesis. The master’s thesis is publicly defended after passing all of the courses.

Upon completion of the study program, the student acquires the academic title: Master of Dental Science.