The purpose of this study program is to educate a competent professional, graduated dental technician, who will be able to follow and apply modern achievements in practice and science, to perceive scientific problems, to think critically and analyze the results obtained, to build a responsible person with an adopted value system that guarantees successful and highly professional work. Upon completion of their studies, professional dental technicians will be trained in health professionals with expertise that will enable independent creation in complex dental procedures in dental technician laboratories.

The studies of the study program Professional dental technicians, from the first cycle of professional studies will be realized during a three-year curriculum (6 semesters) with a total number of 180 credits. The teaching of all subject programs will be performed through theoretical teaching, practice in the dental laboratory, seminars and clinical practice. The study program is designed in accordance with the ECTS.

The Faculty performs its activity on the teaching bases, on the preclinical laboratories and clinics within the PHI University Clinical Center “St. Pantelejmon” Skopje and within the PHI University Clinic for Maxillofacial Surgery.

The study program is structured by compulsory, elective courses and summer internships. The total number of courses is 31,plus a summer internship after each academic year and a graduation thesis. The ratio of credits that the student wins from the compulsory and elective courses is as follows: the student obratins 90% of the credits by passing the compulsory courses and doing the summer internship and the remaining 10% of the credits are obtained by passing the elective courses the student chooses from the list of offered electives. In order to obtain the foreseen number of credits from the elective courses, the student chooses one elective course in each semester, from the list of elective courses offered for that semester. Students in each semester have 3 elective courses available, from which they choose 1 elective course.

By completing the obligations during the studying process, attending classes, taking exams and defending a graduation thesis, the student acquires 180 credits. Upon completion of the studies, the student acquires the professional title of Graduated dental technician.

The study program provides the opportunity for direct entry into the second cycle of professional specialist studies and further continuing education in various fields of dentistry and medicine.