BOARD FOR COOPERATION AND PUBLIC TRUST – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Board for Cooperation and Public Trust

In order to achieve cooperation and trust with the public, the business community, professional chambers and other institutions and associations of citizens in the field in which they perform higher education and scientific research work, as well as to achieve publicity and responsibility in performing activities of public interest, The faculty forms a faculty board for cooperation and trust with the public.

The Board is chaired by a President.

The Board for Cooperation and Public Trust has 5 (five) members, as follows:
-2 members are elected by the Teaching-Scientific Council, from the teaching-scientific staff;
-1 member – from the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia;
-1 member – a representative of the Dental Chamber;
-1 member – representative of the Macedonian Dental Association.