ACTIVITIES OF THE STUDENT ORGANIZATION – Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje Faculty of Dentistry – Skopje

Activities of the student organization

The Student Parliament of UKIM is an organization composed of representatives of students who represent their interests, requests and proposals. Representatives of the SPFD are members of the Student Parliament of the University.

The student representatives are present in the governing bodies of the Faculty of Dentistry, as well as in the commissions for self-evaluation of the Faculty. The participation of students in teaching process organization through membership in the relevant boards of the Faculty and, moreover, through selection of an annual representative for the first cycle of academic studies who is in close cooperation with the ECTS coordinator, enables prevention and overcoming possible problems that may arise during the studies.

Creating atmosphere that will encourage students’ creative opportunities and provide competitive environment is a segment that will inspire future dentists to efficiently and quickly translate theoretical education into practical application.

The Student Parliament of the Faculty of Dentistry is a member of two international organizations, the International Association of Dental Students (IADS) and the European Dental Students’ Association (EDSA).

Representatives of the Faculty of Dentistry at the 57th European Dental Students’ Association Meeting

Membership in these organizations enables participation in the policy-making of these associations, as well as establishing numerous contacts with colleagues around the world. Student mobility, through exchanges of various types, is a benefit enabling some of the colleagues to spend a part of their academic education at the dental faculties abroad. The cooperation with the students from the dental faculties from Shtip, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Nis, Tirana, Rijeka and with the student organizations from the Faculty of Pharmacy – Skopje, the Medical Faculty – Skopje, as well as from other faculties at the UKIM is worth mentioning.

No less important is the participation in student congresses, seminars and workshops offering the possibility to expand dentistry knowledge today. Oral health care is also emphasized through the long-term organization of ITOP workshops for students, which improve the techniques for maintaining oral hygiene. In 2016 a prints workshop was organized (in cooperation with Medimak), a suturing workshop within the 25th and 26th International Scientific Student Congress (2018 and 2019). Under the organization of the Faculty, courses in the field of prosthetics, orthodontics and endodontics were organized at the Summer School in 2019.

Workshops organized as a part of the education of the students of the Faculty of Dentistry.

The engagement of the students from the Faculty of Dentistry in the community is effectuated with numerous humanitarian activities of the students – New Year packages for children from the flooded regions in Skopje, visit with donations to socially endangered families

(2017), donation of New Year packages under the motto “Be someone’s Santa Claus “(2018), numerous charity parties.

Future health professionals in dentistry actively celebrate the Day of Oral Health in Macedonia, when they get involved in educating the population for proper maintenance of oral hygiene, in different population groups – from children to adult population in geriatric institutions. The student population regularly and actively participates in the events that take place under the umbrella of World AIDS Day.

Activities of the students in the community

In addition to the numerous engagements of students, they regularly participate in sports competitions in basketball, handball (won third place in 2014), football, archery, organized by SPUCM – University Leagues.

Students of the Faculty who participated at sports events

A completely new concept of the student organization of UKIM is being introduced, the establishment of Student Assemblies which are bodies of higher education institutions, in which student representatives are members.

The Faculty Student Assembly of the Faculty of Dentistry is a body of the Faculty in which student representatives are members. It does not have a status of a legal entity, and consists of students from each year of studies: first cycle studies, undergraduate studies, second and third cycle studies.

The students enrolled at the Faculty can be elected as members in the Teaching- Scientific Council and the panels that require a member representative in accordance to the Statute of the Faculty. The Faculty Student Assembly elects the aforementioned members and it also appoints two representatives from its ranks as members of the University Student Assembly and elects a deputy student ombudsman.

The Faculty Student Assembly is chaired by a president who is elected in direct, fair and democratic elections, by secret ballot. The Faculty Student Assembly can form committees in order for students to better organize, inform and improve their student life, and they submit a report on their work to the Faculty Student Assembly at least twice a year. The publicity of the work is provided by regularly informing the students enrolled at the Faculty about all forms of work of the members of the Faculty Student Assembly, by submitting a report on their work to the Teaching-Scientific Council, on the work of student representatives in the bodies of the Faculty in the University Student Assembly, as well as a report on the financial operations.

We hope that this new form of student organization will improve student organization and will be an incentive for active advocacy of interests, demands and proposals of students, but also involvement in wider social activities through appropriate committees.